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My personal blog started on WordPress in 2017 as "Jason Journals," migrated to Blogger in 2022 as "jasonmcfadden," and then it became "Fully Rendered."

With one post per week minimum, I share opinions, impressions, reviews, and commentary on my various interests:

  • Computing - tablets, smartphones, laptops, mostly Apple…
  • Gaming - mostly console, mostly Nintendo, mostly RPGs…
  • Entertainment - movies, music, soundtracks, Pokémon, Lego…
  • Social - social media, social networking, social cataloging…
  • Blogging - IndieWeb, blogosphere, WordPress, Blogger…
  • Reading - fiction and non-fiction books…
  • Simplicity - simple living, less is more, minimalism...

Why "Fully Rendered"

"Fully Rendered" originally came from a phrase I repeated ad infinitum when exclaiming how Donkey Kong Country for the Super Nintendo was developed using pre-rendered 3D computer graphics. The name eventually became my gaming avatar pseudonym and then this blog's title. It stands for both modern video gaming and computing technology.

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The Blogger
Jason McFadden

Hi, I'm Jason, a.k.a. FullyRendered. I'm a Gen X husband, dad, and geek. I've blogged off and on over the years since around 2004.

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