December 17, 2022

Big Finally For iPhone?

Can I FINALLY just buy a Kindle book (or see its price) in the Kindle app or Amazon app!? That’s all I want to really know after learning that Apple may soon fundamentally change its App Store rules and the like on iPhone. The change could mean more convenience for the average end user. Sounds good to me.

Two recommended reads:

I first learned of these potential sweeping changes via M.G. Siegler at 500ish.

Then I gathered more from Jason Snell at Six Colors

“I can imagine Apple telling Amazon that if it wants to write an iOS app that lets users buy Kindle books directly from Amazon via in-app purchase, it’s welcome to—but that version of the app can’t be in the App Store.” — Jason Snell

That quote is what I’m wondering about. Why can’t I simply see the price of a Kindle book in the current Amazon app or Kindle app? And why can’t I just buy said book via those apps on my iPhone? What’s the big deal?

I understand the desire to protect users from malicious third-party apps, but Amazon as a book seller is kind of an established and trusted entity and has been since the last millennium when it first started out selling books.

I also know there are many other factors to consider; it’s complicated. But we’re also talking about Apple, the company kind of known for its simplicity, its straight forward software design, etc. I like Apple, a lot, so don’t get me wrong. But Apple isn’t perfect (e.g. headphone jack removal).

What’s your take? Do you think Apple should open up its App Store more, or allow third-party app stores on iPhone?


  1. Amazon has had to alter the Amazon Shopping and Kindle apps so that we can't buy ebooks through them. It's maddening, and I assume it's something to do with Google wanting to jerk their and Apple's chains.

    1. I should note that that's on Android.

    2. Wait, I know Amazon and Kindle apps on iPhone don't allow ebook buying (as I understand it, Amazon is allowed to do so but chooses not to due to Apple's 30% cut). But my past exp. is that Amazon and Kindle apps on Android do allow/enable selling ebooks. So it sounds like you're saying that's no longer the case; something changed. I wasn't aware - and it's unfortunate. Like you said, maddening. Wow.

      FWIW, I mostly just buy Kindle books on my Kindle Paperwhite or via my MacBook browser. Brings up a point: Apple allows and runs things on Mac different from iPhone. But if they'd simply apply the same rules to iPhone as to Mac, I think these kinds of issues would vanish.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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