October 3, 2022

Google Kills Again

In both gaming and tech news, Google is shutting down another service, Stadia, surprising about 0.0 people, I think. Its cloud gaming was nebulous.

From The Verge,

“Google has a habit of killing projects only a few years after they launch…”

Not surprising yet disappointing for many, though I never got into Stadia myself.

On a brighter note, this news ties into a hunch I’ve had, that Google has no plans to sunset Blogger. Why? Because it’s been around far longer than a few years. Also, it’s used by reportedly millions — including myself.

I think Google has had much time and opportunity to axe Blogger, yet it hasn’t. Somehow, for example, Blogger survived partial integration with and then disintegration from Google+. This doesn’t mean the company will never end all the blog-spots, but it suggests maybe they’ll leave well-enough alone.

That’s my hope.

As for people who use Stadia, I’m glad they’re getting a full refund on their investment. But I imagine it’s still a punch to the stomach.

At least Google has stuck with Search, Gmail, and Docs. Also, its YouTube acquisition seems to be paying off a bit, not to forget about Blogger of course.

Did you use Stadia? What’s your take?


  1. 🤔 This is not the first time that Google killed a service of theirs.

    Many people will miss Stadia.

    1. Hey, Renard :) Thanks for visiting.
      So you've heard of Google killing services before ;)
      Very true. There's a whole Google Graveyard at killedbygoogle.com
      It's sad for those who invested in Stadia; I wish them the best. If Blogger ends likewise, well I hope I'm prepared. It's a risk I accept.
      Thanks for sharing, see ya.


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