February 26, 2022

Blog Theme Revert

Just a quick update here. I updated my blog theme again, but this time I’ve reverted back to the previous theme I used, Canard. Nothing like a slick coat of fresh paint, eh?

The last theme, Twenty-Fifteen, was okay. I liked it for its super simple layout with minimal navigation and about zero flourishes. The side banner image was also fun to create with its 80’s retro vibe.

Now it’s nice to be back on Canard. I like its color palette choices and layout a lot, with space for widgets and a little more character. Speaking of, I’ve updated my profile image with my orange-haired avatar. There will likely be more tweaks to the renewed theme over time.

One of the reasons I switched back is because I like what I consider the classic blog layout: header on top with main menu navigation, blog content 2/3 column and sidebar 1/3 column full of widgets and stuff like blogrolls (old-school), tags, and more.

Hope you like the change. Enjoy 🙂

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