February 23, 2022

Beyond 400 Posts

This one is meta; I recently surpassed 400 published posts. Nice. 
My main goal in blogging has been consistency. I measure writing on a regular basis by about one post per week on average or four posts per month. This is my loose personal minimum. Overall, I’ve met that frequency and achieved my goal. And I plan to continue well beyond.

Four-hundred is a nice round number, so this post is a simple one to acknowledge my post count and celebrate with — what else? — more written words. At my slow blogging pace, it’s taken me over four years to get here.

Sometimes, post quantity seems more important than quality, but I do value good writing and content as well. Then again, since this is a personal blog, I’m a bit laid back and prefer to write in a casual tone, similar to how I talk, hoping to write in my personal voice (minus the southern Texas drawl, y’all).

Honestly, I think I’m surprised that I’ve stuck with my blog for so long. Yet at this point, I can’t imaging stopping; I like this hobby too much. I enjoy blogging’s creativity and flexibility. Trying out different blog themes and writing consistently has been fun and challenging.

Beyond that, the independent and open blogosphere itself is an inviting and free space on the web to explore and connect with others. I’ve met kind and friendly folks through blogging.

Since it requires time and effort to write a blog post, it tends to cause bloggers to be more thoughtful and considerate in what they post. This is in contrast to quickly tweeting an incendiary tweet on Twitter, for example. Comments on WordPress blogs also tend to be more supportive or constructive than retorts or snarky comments on Twitter. While it’s true that social media sites in general can have thoughtful or good posts (no matter how short the word count), the tendency is to hit “send” on stuff that’s, uh, less than ideal. Don’t get me wrong; I like Twitter, but it’s just different from the blogosphere (remember when Twitter was called “micro-blogging?”)

Anyways…here’s to 400 more posts, and beyond!

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