September 18, 2019

Angel Has Fallen

My wife and I enjoyed watching
Angel Has Fallen at the theater last weekend – we got to go out on a date!

The movie was better than we expected! I liken it to a spy thriller. There’s Secret Service, fast-paced action, and guns. Lots of guns.

Overall, it’s a fun, yet violent, late Summer action flick. Not only that, it’s got some really funny parts and a good cast of characters.

I’d watch it again. In fact, I think I’ll buy it on Blu-Ray when available.

I like to check Rotten Tomatoes for the movie scores. How good might I expect a movie to be? Critics, of course, can be hyper-critical.

For this movie, they only gave it an average of 39%! That is far lower than the movie deserves. In fact, the Audience – normal people – scored it at a whopping 93%! Yeah!
Go Watch

If you want some good entertainment and must get out of the house, Angel Has Fallen is worth your time and your dime.

Have you seen the movie already?

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