April 24, 2017

Why I Like Republic Wireless

After years of buying into 2-year contracts with cell phone carriers, I finally broke free! I must give credit to
Republic Wireless for that, and also to Walt Mossberg; his latest review of RW’s new technology gave me the push to give it a go! OK, also, Amazon’s Prime deal on a couple of phones helped too. So if, like me, you try to be frugal and minimal, or you like affordable and simple, read on.

April 16, 2017

What Is A Shutterbug?

Shutterbug – an amateur photographer, especially one who isgreatly devoted to the hobby; a photographer, esp. anenthusiastic amateur.

Flower Bugs Made Me A Shutterbug

A photo I took of a single Texas Bluebonnet with bugs on it is the picture that made me become a shutterbug.