February 7, 2017

Four Reasons Why I Chose Blogger

When I think of traditional blogging platforms, only two ever really come to mind: Blogger and WordPress. There are a few others out there, sure, but for my choosing, these were the only real options. I thought long and hard for some time until I felt comfortable with a final decision. So what made me settle on Blogger over WordPress? In one word: simplicity.

You've probably heard the mantra, "Keep it simple." It's a simple truth: simpler is usually better. There are a few ways Blogger wins here.


Blogger is super simple in its look and feel. The user interface is clean and minimal, kind of like the Google search page itself, which has been called spartan. The buttons and other click points are not ornate, and there aren't too many colors in the palette.


It's relatively low on features. This can be difficult for some bloggers who want or need more! But for my uses, this is a good thing. Although I like the extra bells and whistles of WordPress, in the end I gravitated towards Blogger. I figured with less blogging platform stuff in the way, I could actually get more blogging done. Fewer features = more blogging. (Yeah, even a minimalist blogger wants to write more...about less.)


Blogger is a Google product. Since I traverse deep in the Google-verse, the nice advantage is having one less account to keep up with. If I had a WordPress blog, I'd have to log in separately to use it. But with Blogger, I just log into my Google account and am good to go.


Blogger is simpler in that it's tied to Google Photos. When I want a picture for a blog post, I can insert one straight from my catalog of smartphone snapshots.

There are, of course, other factors at play when choosing a blogging platform. And I personally had to be content without some of the clear advantages of WordPress.

But in the end, I think sticking with the most simple is the best.